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How to rename a device

In the process of detecting devices in your home, Sense may be able to recognize the type of device, like a heater or motor, but need some help identifying exactly what this device is. That’s where device renaming comes in! With a little detective work, you can rename an unknown device in your device list, changing how it appears in your app and helping to improve device detection for the entire Sense community.

To rename a device:

  1. Navigate to the Device Details screen. You can do this by either double-tapping on one of the device bubbles, selecting an event from your timeline, or selecting a device from the Devices screen.
  2. Tap the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the Name field to rename the device. In most cases, Sense will provide some suggestions based on crowdsourced input under the Community Names section. If you think you know what an unnamed device is but aren’t totally sure, mark it as a "Guess" by tapping the slider that appears for "This is a guess." This will automatically append a question mark to the end of your device’s name and will inform our data science team how strongly to weigh your name edit when refining our algorithms. You can also change the Type of the device here as well. 


No matter how you enter the name, for the sake of our Community Names feature and the sanity of our Data Scientists, try to use at least one standard device word or phrase (correct spelling is appreciated!). For example: change “Heat 2” to “Basement Dishwasher," not to “Kenmore 1234” or “Magical dish device."