When should I delete a device?

Sometimes, you will encounter situations where you will need to remove a previously detected device from your 'Devices' list. We recommend deleting a device if:

  • You no longer own that device.
  • The device’s on/off events are consistently incorrect. We do not recommend deleting the device if an occasional on/off is missed, as accuracy will improve over time.
  • The device is a duplicate of another detected device. Keep in mind some devices contain multiple components and rather than being a duplicate, this device may be a different component of the same device. As Sense continues to learn your home, it may automatically merge separate components.
  • The device is consistently confused with another device.

To delete a device, navigate to that device’s page, select ‘Report a problem’ at the bottom of the page, and then ‘Delete this device.’

As we continue to improve our device detection algorithms, suggested uses of device deletion may change. Before you delete a device, check back here for the latest best practices.


Note: Device deletion is currently only available in the mobile app. Web app support is coming soon.