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When should I delete a device?

Sometimes, you will encounter situations where you will need to remove a previously detected device from your Devices list. We recommend deleting a device if:

  • You no longer own that device.
  • The device’s on/off events are consistently incorrect. We do not recommend deleting the device if an occasional on/off is missed, as accuracy will improve over time.
  • The device is a duplicate of another detected device. Keep in mind some devices contain multiple components and rather than being a duplicate, this device may be a different component of the same device. As Sense continues to learn your home, it may automatically merge separate components.
  • The device is consistently confused with another device.

To delete a device in the mobile app, navigate to the Device Settings view for said device by selecting that device in your Devices list and then tapping the gear icon in top right corner. In the Manage tab, select "Delete Device" at the bottom of the page.


As we continue to improve our device detection algorithms, suggested uses of device deletion may change. Before you delete a device, check back here for the latest best practices. 

Note: Device deletion is currently only available in the mobile app. Web app support is coming soon.