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How do I set my electricity cost in the Sense app?

Cost is a powerful way to understand your energy habits in the Sense app.

To add cost (dollar amounts):

1. Navigate to Settings > My Home > Electricity Cost and tap the ‘Show cost’ slider.

2. Enter your electricity rate. Not sure what your rate is? We show the national average below for reference, and if you select your home state in My Home > State, your state average as well.

With electricity cost enabled, you can:

1. See how much money you’re spending in real-time on the ‘Now’ or ‘Power Meter’ screens

2. Get an idea of a device’s monthly cost in the ‘Usage’ section

3. See how much money you’re spending over different time periods by visiting the ‘Trends’ screen under ‘Usage.’ While there, tap a device in the ‘Trends’ view list and see how much a device consumes, not only as a percentage, but also as a number of kWh and $.


Note: Electricity cost settings are currently only available in the mobile app. When set in the mobile app, $ amounts will appear in the web app as well.