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What is signal check / automatic calibration?

Sense goes through an automatic calibration process (previously referred to as "Signal Check") that ensures that the current sensors (CTs) on your Sense monitor are installed correctly, and that your monitor is measuring current and voltage with the proper phase and signal polarity. This happens automatically after you've first connected to your Wi-Fi network and registered in the Sense app.

During the course of the automatic calibration process, Sense may run into issues with phase or polarity. Sense is designed to identify these issues and automatically correct them with no intervention necessary. If Sense is unable to fix the issue automatically after three attempts, the Support team will be contacted to intervene. Please do not move or reverse your current sensors after installing them unless someone from the Sense support team asks you to.

In total, the signal check process can take up to 48 hours. If your Sense monitor is still automatically calibrating after 48 hours, please contact Support. Once it's complete, the device detection process can begin and you'll see real-time energy usage data come into the app!