Can't detect my monitor during installation

So you have the Sense app downloaded, the monitor installed, and are ready to get started? Great! We use Bluetooth to make to the initial link so if you’re near your monitor, it should seamlessly identify your monitor and begin ‘Connecting...’

If you are unable to detect your monitor and find yourself unable to move past the ‘Scanning…’ installation screen:

  • Double check that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. If you're on Android, also check that 'Location' services are enabled. This is only needed for setup.
  • Ensure that you’re close to your monitor when going through the setup process.

If you are still unable to detect your monitor, we recommend trying:

  • Turning bluetooth off and on again.
  • Powercycling your monitor by flipping the breaker off and on.
  • Closing and reopening the Sense app.