Monitor having physical installation problem

After your Sense monitor is installed in your electrical panel and you've connected to it with the app, it will begin to run automatic checks to ensure that it is connected properly and can continue with setup. If the check does encounter an issue, you will see one of the following error messages displayed:

  • BADV0 or BADV1: One of the power cables is not connected properly. Please ensure that the breaker is not biting down on the insulation, that the breaker itself is fully seated onto the panel, and that the breaker itself works.
  • BADPHASE: The detected phase is out of range. Please ensure that a 240v dual pole breaker was used for installation as Sense needs to see both phases.
  • BADFREQ: The detected frequency is out of range.


As always, we recommend that an electrician or licensed professional install the Sense monitor and make any necessary setup changes within the electrical panel.