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Sensor issue affecting serial numbers beginning M7190

What is the issue?
For a particular batch of sensor cables, one of our suppliers used an out-of-spec component while manufacturing the connectors on the cables. As a result, these sensors may not have a reliable connection to your Sense monitor. This is not a safety issue as the sensors transmit only low-voltage signals.

Is this a safety issue? 
No. This is not a safety issue as the sensors transmit only low voltage signals.

How do I know if I am affected? 
We’ve sent emails to all customers with affected Sense monitors. Only monitors with serial numbers beginning M7190 are affected by this manufacturing problem. Your serial number is listed in the Sense mobile app under Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor.

How does it affect my use of Sense? 
It affects the signal integrity and accuracy needed to detect devices in the home. There may be additional noise in the signal caused by the loose connection of the sensors to the Sense monitor. Symptoms include:

  1. Stuck in signal check. In Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor you will see a progress bar indicating that signal check is 0% complete or still in progress.
  2. Incorrect reporting of total home wattage. If you turn on a device in your home, the total wattage displayed on the Now screen may not change.

If I am affected what should I do?
Please follow the instructions provided in the email so that we can either work with you on a solution, replace, or refund your monitor. While you may not be experiencing any symptoms currently, the nature of this issue means that over time, the connection might become loose. We would encourage you to return this now. If you received notification from Sense that you are eligible to receive up to $150 in reimbursement for hiring an electrician, kindly use this form to file for your reimbursement.

I selected “Wait for the Fix.” What is the fix and when will we receive it?<
The fix is a short extension cable that is compatible with the out-of-spec sensor connector and will securely connect the sensors to the monitor. We are currently working with manufacturing to clarify the timelines.

Why do I have to replace my Sense monitor and not just the sensors?
Even though your monitor is not affected, we need to swap out both the monitor and the sensors because we calibrate these as a paired set. We will replace both your Sense monitor and affected sensors. It is very important that your electrician replace both items in order to ensure system accuracy.

If I have Sense Solar, are the solar sensors also affected?
No. If you have Sense Solar, your electrician will only need to replace your Sense monitor and the standard set of sensors. You will not need to replace the solar sensors because these were produced at a different time than the monitor sensors and due not require calibration. The issue is isolated to one small batch of monitor sensors only.

What are you doing to prevent this from happening in the future?
Although we conduct rigorous quality tests during manufacturing, this problem only occurs after repeatedly connecting the sensor to the monitor. We are now developing additional quality tests to address this during manufacturing. We are also conducting new signal tests to verify the performance of all currently installed Sense monitors.