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Troubleshooting Sense Solar

If you have already installed Sense Solar following the instructions in the Sense Solar Installation Guide, and are having trouble getting it up and running, ensure that:

  • The Solar sensors are plugged into the middle port of your monitor and that their stickers are facing the same direction (it doesn't matter which direction, as long as they're the same.)
  • It is sunny outside during the calibration step. In order to complete calibration, Sense needs to see at least 500W of total solar production.
  • If you’re seeing a high negative production number or a number that doesn’t match your solar inverter’s reading, then one of the solar sensors is likely facing the wrong direction and should be flipped.

If you've had Sense Solar installed successfully for a while and are experiencing sudden issues with your solar data, like negative numbers during the day, a reboot of the Sense Monitor (at the breaker) may solve the issue. If it does not, please contact our support team.

Some users may see negative solar production numbers at night. This is not necessarily abnormal as most inverters draw some power to operate.

Note: If you have micro-inverters, and run into issues during the solar setup process, please contact our support team so we can help you get set up.