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Micro-corrosion issue affecting some Sense monitors

What is the issue?

One of our automated signal checks has found a problem with some Sense monitors.  It looks like there is a signal problem between the CT sensors and the Sense monitor. We’ve seen some cases where there is some corrosion in the pins where the sensors plug into the monitor. As a result, these sensors may not have a reliable connection to the Sense monitor.


Is this a safety issue?

No. This is not a safety issue as the sensors transmit only low-voltage signals.


How do I know if I am affected?

We have ongoing automated checks that will notify our Customer Support team about affected Sense monitors. If your monitor is identified, one of our team specialists will reach out to you via email with further explanation and options for repair.


How does it affect my use of Sense?

It affects the signal integrity and thus may result in inaccurate wattage measurements and reduce your Sense monitor’s ability to detect devices in the home.


If I am affected what should I do?

Please follow the instructions provided in the email so that we can work with you on a solution. While you may not be noticing any symptoms currently, the nature of this issue means that, over time, the connection might become worse.


What is Sense doing to address this issue?

We have implemented an automated signal check that tests to verify the performance of all currently installed Sense monitors. If any Sense monitor, now or in the future, develops a signal issue related to micro-corrosion, we will reach out to the affected customer and work with them to solve the issue. To fix the problem, we have created a short extension cable which includes slightly larger pins and a bit of protective grease.  We have found that simply inserting this cable between the Sense monitor and sensors corrects the problem and prevents future connection issues. Please note that if you have Sense Solar, an additional short extension cable will be needed for those sensors as well.


How is Sense going to make this easy for me ?

If your Sense monitor is found to be affected by this issue, you will be contacted directly and will be issued the extension cable fix. Sense will provide reimbursement for hiring an electrician. While the fix is quite simple, it still involves working in your electrical panel and thus should only be performed by a licensed electrician. If you received notification from Sense that you are eligible to receive up to $150 in reimbursement for hiring an electrician, kindly use this form to file for your reimbursement.


What are you doing to prevent this from happening in the future?

This issue has been solved in the manufacturing process. We now apply protective grease to prevent these connection failures from occurring.