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Web App v4

Grabbing your data from the Web App is simple. You can access the export feature in two ways.

  1. For a global look into your energy usage, you can access it directly in the Usage screen

  2. For a device-specific look into your energy usage, you can access it via a device’s Trends card in the Devices screen

From there, just navigate to the time period you want, no different than your normal interaction with Usage and Trends. Once you’ve decided on the time period you’d like to export, click the “export” icon in the top right corner. You’ll get a popup that lets you choose the time interval of either “hour” or “day.”

Whether you’re exporting your global usage or the usage of a specific device, the exported .csv file will include the wattage for each time interval, including both average wattage and kWh. If you’ve chosen to export your global usage, you’ll also see your total wattage as well as every individual detected device, Always On, and, if relevant, your solar production.