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Web App v2

Power Meter is now in the web app.

As you’d expect, the Power Meter on the web app functions similarly to the mobile app, with a couple notable differences:

  • Its bigger! This one might be obvious, but it’s part of the reason many users have been waiting for it. Bigger means it’s even better suited for deeper analysis.
  • We’ve added some handy navigation shortcuts. There are some tabs above the Power Meter that are zoom-level shortcuts for specific time segments of 15 minutes, hour, day, week, and month. You can zoom by scrolling, or by using these shortcuts. You can also click and drag to pan back or forward in time, and click the “NOW” button in the top right of the meter window to shortcut back to the present/live view.
    You might notice that some features are missing from this build of the Power Meter, such as the color banding between time segments and the wattage change annotations. Don’t fret, as we’re planning on adding these (and more!) in the future. We just wanted to get this to you as soon as possible in highly usable form.

To log in and check it out, navigate to