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v18 (iOS/Android)

We have made a number of improvements centered around device details and detection, and are starting to leverage the crowdsourced work you in the community have done to make device identification better. You can view a video demonstration of these new features here.

Community Names
Using data we’ve gathered from customers like you who have identified and renamed devices in their homes, we’ve built a powerful new feature that displays names that other Sense users have given to a similar device.

Each name is accompanied by a percentage that roughly represents how many other Sense users have picked that name. You can rename the device quickly by selecting from this list. You can also choose the “Custom” option if you’d like to give it a different name. We hope this will be especially helpful in helping you identify mysterious motor and heating devices throughout your home.

Device Updates
When a new device is detected by Sense, you will now get an in-app notification informing you about it the next time you open the Sense app.  

Other Improvements
You may notice some other small changes throughout the app, including some new icons, small UI tweaks, and location information for devices added to the bubbles in the Now screen and the device listing in the Trends screen. We’ve also made improvements to the experience on iPhone X.

We have also temporarily removed the “Currently Learning” and “Up Next” sections in the Settings screen. As many of you had noted, these were inaccurate and caused a lot of confusion and annoyance. We thought it best to remove these until we have a better way of reporting this type of information.