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Web App v6

We’ve updated Device Settings to now include the "Merge" feature. This gives you the same “Merge” functionality as on the iOS and Android apps. To access this new functionality:

  • Go to Device Settings for the primary device you want to merge others into.
  • Under the Manage header, click “Merge Devices” and select the relevant devices.

Here’s a brief reminder about how merging works:

  • Merging lets you combine multiple devices into a single device in Sense. This can be useful for situations where Sense may have detected separate parts of the same device (e.g., a motor and a heat that are both part of a dishwasher) or devices you would prefer to see combined in the app (e.g., two separate ACs you’d rather see as one).
  • When you merge, the new merged device will inherit the combined history of all devices merged into it, and will inherit the information (name, type, make, model) of the device you selected to begin the merge process.
  • You can always unmerge devices, or edit which devices are part of a merged device.
  • You cannot merge two separately merged groups of devices together. You would first need to unmerge a group, to then merge individual devices into a new merged group.

Please note that smart plug merging is still not available on the Web App. Smart plug merging is a bit different, as it’s part of a separate workflow specifically designed for smart plugs. Please continue to use the mobile apps and the “What’s plugged in?” option for smart plug merges.