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How to use Sense with Google Assistant

How to activate the Sense Google Assistant Action

To enable the Sense Action, open the Sense mobile app and go to Settings > My Home > Connected Devices, and select Google Assistant. Tap the “Open Google Assistant” link to enable.

How to ask Google Assistant a question

Just start with “OK, Google, Ask Sense” or “Hey, Google, Ask Sense” (depending on which invocation your device supports), and follow it up with a question about power use, solar production, a device’s current on/off status, or when a certain device was last turned on or off.

Here are some examples:

You can ask Google Assistant about current power usage for your entire home

“Ok, Google, ask Sense how much electricity I’m using.”

If you have Sense Solar, you can ask about your solar production:

“Ok, Google, ask Sense how much solar I’m generating.”

You can also inquire about the status specific devices in your home that have been recognized by Sense:

“Ok, Google, ask Sense if my dryer is done.”

“Ok, Google, ask Sense if I left my oven on.”

Or find out when certain devices turned on or off.

“Ok, Google, ask Sense when my garage door closed.”

“Ok, Google, ask Sense when my furnace turned on.”