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Will Sense make improvements to my detected devices?

As Sense continues to learn about the devices in your home, it might make changes to your recognized devices. These will be communicated to you on your timeline, and at times via in-app notifications when you open the Sense app. These types of device updates include:

  • Device Renaming and Re-typing - If your Sense monitor is fairly confident a certain device (such as a Heat or Motor) is a specific device, then it  will automatically rename and re-type it for you. This can both help with “unknown ____” devices as well as mis-typed devices, like a coffee maker that’s really a kettle.
  • Device Auto-Combining - Sense may realize that certain devices (such as a Heat and a Motor) are actually part of a single device (such as a Dishwasher), and automatically combine and rename them for you.
  • Device Removal - At times, Sense may have thought it found a unique device, but after further analysis decided it was not actually a unique device after all. Keeping this device in your Devices list is not helpful for two reasons: (1) You might be wasting your time trying to figure out what it is, and (2) this model could actually prevent updated and more accurate models from running. Now Sense will start removing these unreliably detected devices from your Devices list more frequently, after first alerting you.

In some cases, multiple updates might come at once, such as a removal and a rename, in the case of conflated devices.