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Connection Test: No Link

If you've received this error during your network connection test:

This error indicates that your Sense monitor was unable to connect to the local network. There are several possible causes.

  • The network rejected the monitor's connection: This could be due to an incorrect Wi-Fi network name, incorrect network password, a Wi-Fi network configured with access controls which reject the monitor, or a network which is trying to force the monitor to use an unsupported 5 GHz connection. It can also be due to an access point which has reached its maximum capacity and is rejecting new connections.
  • The network authorization timed out: This usually is due to either the monitor or the access point being unable to receive data from the other. You should try to improve the reception between the monitor and Wi-Fi access point. This can be as simple as re-orienting the antennas. (Tip: antennas broadcast and receive best via their sides, not their end.) In some cases, moving the access point or setting up a new access point may be required to allow your Sense monitor to associate with the network.  

See also this article for general tips on improving your Wi-Fi connection to Sense. 

If you're still experiencing issues after troubleshooting, please reach out to the Support team.