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v27 (iOS/Android)/Web App v8

Version 27 (Web App v8) brings a new comparison feature, allowing you to see how your usage compares to other similar homes in your area. Here is how it works:

  • The Trends view has been updated to include a new Compare card. On the mobile app this is a small preview that you can then go into the full view for. On the web app, it is next to the Usage view. The Compare screen will show how your usage compares to other Sense users over the past 30 days. By default, it will show how you compare to the entire Sense userbase. If you’ve filled in your state location in Sense previously, you’ll also see how that compares to Sense users in your state. The most exciting addition is a comparison to “similar homes 7” in your area. For this, you’ll need to fill out the new Home Details and Device Inventory section (see next bullet).

  • Under Settings > My Home > Home Details, you can now tell Sense more about your home, as well as filling in information about which devices you have. This information will help Sense improve device detection over time with some helpful clues, but in particular the postal code and square footage information will be used for the similar homes comparison mentioned above. Over time we do plan on using more than just square footage and postal code, so this is just a starting point.

    • Note: Your Similar Homes comparison requires 15 similar homes in your area before it will populate.