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v29 (iOS/Android)

Version 29 of the Sense mobile app comes with a new feature addition to the Settings menu: Network Connection Test.

To get the most out of Sense, you need a reliable internet connection. Without, all aspects of Sense can suffer, from data dropouts in the Power Meter to hindered device detection. Note that this test measures the connection between your Sense monitor and Sense servers as well as connection to the local network. This is not a replacement for a standard internet speed test.

To access the connection test:

  1. Navigate to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor.
  2. Scroll down to the new Network Connection card and tap the new “Network Test” option.
  3. Note: You’ll need to be near your Sense monitor in order to run thetest, as your phone must connect to the monitor via Bluetooth.

If any issues are found, the test will point you to all-new troubleshooting articles at Advanced test results can be viewed after the test runs. You can email these results directly to Support and even to yourself for your own historical records.

For new installs of Sense going forward, this connection test will also be part of the setup process, helping new users to immediately get the most out of Sense by ensuring a solid network connection.