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v29.1 (iOS) v29.2 (Android)

As noted in our 2019 Data Science Update, attaining ground truth data on real devices, in real homes has been a major priority throughout the year. Our smart plug integration was a great first step in that direction, but we’re happy to announce a new Ecobee data integration that will help us gather specific data on HVAC devices across our userbase.

To enable the integration:

  1. Navigate to Settings > My Home > Connected Devices.
  2. You’ll find Ecobee under the Data sources section.

This integration will immediately send all of your historic Ecobee data to the Sense data science team. Going forward, it will continue to send batched historical data on a recurring schedule.

Note that this will not result in any immediate new or refined detections in your home, but we’re confident that the data we receive will help us improve HVAC detection going forward for your home. In time, this data will also help improve HVAC device detection for all homes in the Sense userbase.