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v28 (iOS/Android)/Web App v8.5


With v28 (Web App v8.5), Sense will now begin more proactive monitoring of your energy usage, and notify you — via push notifications and the timeline — when potentially interesting or unusual changes occur. These notifications will help you draw important insights that may help you save money, or better understand your energy usage. Sense will now alert you when…

  • Overall monthly usage increases or decreases significantly from the previous month, or the same month the previous year.
  • A significant change occurs within your Home Comparisons.
  • Always On changes significantly from the previous week.
  • Weekly usage increases significantly from your average week.
  • Weekday or weekend day usage increases significantly from your average weekday or weekend day, respectively.
  • A new, all-time energy usage peak has been reached.

Beyond just notifications, you’ll also find these insights in the Usage view of the app (Trends > Usage). Below the Usage graph, you may now see a message if you are trending higher for the month, week, or day, or if you scroll back to previous time periods, you might see a message point out periods that had significant gaps from previous periods. In addition, starting with the September Monthly Email Report — received at the beginning of October — a new “Significant Energy Changes” section will contain a summary of all the events triggered over that month. New Sense users will receive some special notifications to alert them to interesting initial insights from Sense.

You’ll also find these features in Web App v8.5.

To enable or disable push notifications, navigate to Settings > Notifications for the events mentioned above. You will always see a timeline item for them.

A few logistical details for those who are curious:

  • For the threshold of “significance,” we are using 25% for monthly and Always On alerts, 50% for weekly, and 100% for weekday or weekend day. We may adjust these over time.
  • For the weekly usage and weekday/weekend usage “averages,” the median is used instead of average.
  • “Stable” for the home comparison notification is defined as consistency for at least three months.