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v30 (iOS/Android)/Web App v11

v30 (iOS/Android) and v11 (Web) feature a variety of improvements to the Sense Solar experience.

On the updated Solar screen, you will now see a real-time animation showing how much solar you’re producing as well as how much you’re sending to and from the grid in real time. Solar can be accessed by double-tapping the Solar bubble, tapping the solar production icon, or accessing the Solar card via the Trends screen. We’ve also added improved historic solar stats to the Usage card on this page, including: total production, total usage, amount sent to grid, amount pulled from grid, and percentage of consumption covered by solar — all with corresponding costs, if available. In both sections, you can see your percent “powered by solar." This is an important metric that indicates how much of your usage has actually been covered by your solar production, rather than just being sent to the grid. Insights like these help you see how much you’re earning via utility buyback programs or if your efficiency can be improved by shifting costly loads to your hours of highest production.

In the new Solar Settings screen, accessible via the gear icon in the top-right corner of the Solar screen, you’ll now be able to provide your solar sell back rate. This will be used to calculate the dollar value of the energy you send back to the grid. We've also introduced a new section in Solar Settings called 'System Specs', where you can add details about your solar setup like number of panels and wattage ratings. This is designed to be in compliance with California's upcoming Title 24 legislation.

On the Web App, we’ve added a new Solar tab, which features the same real-time animation and Usage details described above. Sell back rate and ‘System Specs’ will also be available on the Web App.