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v31 (iOS/Android)


Version 31 of the Sense mobile app comes with a change to the user interface: the Power Meter is now directly accessible from the navigation bar.


The Power Meter is one of the most powerful features of the Sense app.
Now the Power Meter is available immediately upon installation to help you start to understand your real-time energy usetrack down energy hogs, and see the cost of your Always On devices. With this change, the real-time capabilities of Sense are brought front and center, making a powerful tool even more accessible. We’ve also made some small user interface changes to the Power Meter itself: the date format has been changed to the more standard ‘month/day/year’ format and we’ve added a gradient to the meter graph.

For Sense Solar users, you can still access Solar from the Now screen by double-tapping the Solar bubble as well as tapping the solar production value in the Now screen.


What’s Changing?

How to Access the Power Meter

The Power Meter PM-non-300x220-3c47fbc.png is now located on the main navigation bar

How to Access Solar

There are now three ways to access the Solar screen in-app:

  1. Tap the solar production icon Solar Production - App Icon in the "Now" screen
  2. Double-tapping the Solar bubble in the “Now” screen
  3. Tap on the “Solar” card in the "Trends" screen