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v31.4 (iOS) v31.5 (Android)


We’re excited to release a new educational feature for Sense users. Our users have varying levels of experience with concepts like energy signatures and Always On power, and we want to help people understand how to use the Sense app to take action and save money.

Our first batch of educational articles focuses on using the Power Meter and understanding Always On energy, and tracking down energy hogs. In the future, we plan to add more Learn content to help users get the most out of Sense.


  • v31.6 (Android) is being released to address a bug causing some phones with Android 7 to crash.
  • v31.5 (iOS) is being released to address a bug that caused installations to get stuck in a Get Started > Verify Install loop if an issue was detected.




What’s Changing?


How to access Learn content

Learn articles can be accessed by tapping the Learn icon image4.png via:

  • Power Meter screen
  • Always On Device Details screen
  • Home Compare screen (Trends > Compare)


How to access the entire Learn content library

All learn content is accessible in Settings > Help > Learn Library