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Sense Monitor not communicating with server

If you're in the process of setting up your Sense monitor and have successfully connected to your Wi-Fi network, your Sense monitor should begin to talk to our server and begin the automatic calibration process. 

If your Sense monitor is having trouble communicating with the Sense server:

  • Check your router or firewall configurations to ensure that the Sense monitor can connect to the internet. Please ensure the following ports are unblocked as Sense uses them to securely communicate with our servers: TCP 123, 443, 6514, 8482, and UDP 53.
  • The Sense monitor will attempt to use the Cloudflare DNS server at to look up the address of its services. If this address is blocked, it will fall back to the DHCP-provided DNS server. If you would like to opt out of use of for the Sense monitor, contact Support via
  • Sense could temporarily be experiencing an outage. Check our status page to check: If there is an outage, please be patient. Our team will have everything working again shortly.
  • If you're using a Wi-Fi extender, please ensure that it is receiving a strong signal from your router. Sometimes Sense can successfully connect to your extender, but may not be able to communicate with the server because the connection from your router to the extender is weak.
  • If you use multiple routers or access points within your home, assign a unique SSID to the access point closest to Sense so that it doesn't accidentally try and connect with a more distant router or access point that has the same name.