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Features in the Sense Web App

The Sense Web App (found at allows you to access your energy data right from your web browser. You can see how much power you’re consuming (and producing, if you have solar) in real time, view your timeline to see when different devices turned on or off, track historical usage, export historical data, and more.

While many of the functions in the mobile app can also be found in the web app, there are some that haven't made it in yet. Just visit the mobile apps for iOS/Android to access any of this functionality. These include:

  • Installation of Sense
  • Goals
  • Custom Device Notification management
  • Control of connected devices
  • Network settings and connection test
  • Factory Reset
  • Data Reset

There’s a lot more on the way for the web app, so stay tuned and look for our latest release notes in the community forum!

Note: The Web App is only compatible with the following web browsers: Google Chrome 69.0.3497.81 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 62.0 or newer, Safari 12.0 or newer, Microsoft Edge Windows 10 build 17093 or newer.