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Can Sense detect all devices?

Even before Sense discovers devices in your home, it’s easy to see how much energy they consume just by turning them on and off and watching the Power Meter in real time. Check this video to learn more. 

Once Sense completes the signal check process, it will start detecting devices in your home.  Sense is able to identify many electrical devices in typical homes, and we continue to expand our device detection abilities via crowdsourced data as more Sense monitors come online. However, it likely won’t detect everything. Low-wattage consumer electronics like computers, smart devices, and game consoles can be especially tough to track. As we get data from more and more homes, the performance and coverage of our device detection will improve. In the meantime, many of our users have had great success tracking these more challenging loads via our smart plug integration.

Learn more about the machine learning technology that undergirds Sense here.