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How to create a goal

Goals is a powerful feature that isn’t just about monitoring your monthly energy use. Goals can give you a better grasp of your peak usage times and alert you to areas where your energy efficiency can be improved, to the benefit of your wallet and our environment. This feature can also help you manage tiered billing plans by alerting you when you’re tracking towards the next tier of energy charges.

To create a goal:

  1. Navigate to the Trends screen, and tap the Goals card.
  2. Tap “Add new goal."
  3. Tap the orange fields to select what you want to monitor, the period of time, and the goal and units.


Goals can be created to track:

  • Your overall energy usage
  • Your "Always On" usage
  • Your solar production (if you have Sense Solar)

You can set goals for various points in time, including:

  • End of day
  • End of week
  • End of month
  • End of cycle cycle (if you’ve set your billing cycle in the Settings screen)
  • "Any point" in time

If you’re interested in tracking your goals in terms of dollars and for your billing cycle, just make sure you’ve set up your Electricity Cost and Billing Cycle under Settings > My Home. Once goals are created, Sense will send push notification alerts (and show in-app notifications) when you exceed your goal. You can also check your progress for any goal by going back to the Trends screen in the app.

Want to see exactly how the Goals feature works? Take this video tour with Sense product manager, Hilario Coimbra: