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Why am I being asked to share my data?

We take your privacy very seriously, and only share your Sense data with your explicit permission. You may have received a notification inside the Sense app requesting permission to share your Sense data with your utility, solar installer, or another organization that may have helped with the purchase or installation of your Sense monitor. Sense requires your explicit opt-in to any data sharing with a partner. You may have already opted in as part of an agreement with your utility or provider but Sense requires an in-app approval step as an extra level of security, and to ensure that the opt-in language is not just buried in a contract or agreement.

Agreeing to share your data allows our partners to help analyze your energy use and provide recommendations to help you save energy and money. Agreeing to share your data applies only to the partner who is mentioned in the request, and does not apply to any other partner or third party. You will always be asked before any organization is able to access your data.

The type of information this partner will have access to includes:

  • Whether your monitor is online or offline
  • Your total energy usage and (if applicable) your total solar production
  • Device metadata for all of your devices (i.e., device type, make, model, location, wattage, and what you named it)
  • Basic account information (i.e., email address, user ID)

They are not able to monitor the energy use of your individual home in real time. In the future, you may opt to provide this kind of data to help them provide insights into the performance of individual appliances, or to provide advanced customer support, but that will require yet another level of consent.

If you are required to provide this data as part of a program or pilot and you are not comfortable sharing this data, please reach out to the installer of your Sense monitor.