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How is the Similar Homes comparison calculated?

With v27 of the Sense mobile app (v8 of the Web app), we introduced home comparisons right on the Trends screen. In addition to comparisons with all Sense users and with Sense users in your state or province, we’ve also introduced comparisons with “Similar Homes.” 

This Similar Homes comparison is based on the data you provide on the Home Details (Settings > My Home > Home Details) screen, including specifics about your home and eventually even specifics like certain devices you have in your home. At the moment, this comparison will only take square footage and immediate locale into account. In time, as we accrue more data, we’ll be able to build this out further to include other home specifics, like the number of residents in a home and specific devices contained within. 

Please note that you may not see a Similar Homes comparison right away. Sense needs to see data from 15 homes in your area in order to build out this comparison. “Area” is based on the postal code that you provide under Home Details. If not enough matches are found in your immediate area, Sense will widen its search to the area defined by the first three digits of your postal code.