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Learn more: Inaccurate Solar

There are a few reasons that the solar readings in the app can appear incorrectly. Among them are the following:

  • Installation issue: The two solar sensors are not placed in a matching direction which is causing the polarities to be opposite of each other. The readings essentially cancel each other out. The app will indicate this by showing one solar wattage reading as negative and the other as a positive value. Flip one or both sensors so they match in orientation.
  • Installation issue: The two solar sensors are monitoring something other than the incoming solar feed. This could be the case if the solar sensors are placed on another circuit or a subpanel circuit where the solar feeds into. Verify the installation and extend the solar sensors if necessary. 
  • Installation issue: One or both solar sensors are not staying fully closed behind the panel cover. If the app is showing a large discrepancy between the two solar wattage readings (over 5%), then this or another install issue is likely. Verify the installation and adjust the solar sensor placements so that they have enough clearance from other wiring and the panel cover itself.