Compatible electrical panel configurations

Sense is compatible with split-phase residential electrical panels. Your panel must have enough space to fit sensor clamps with dimensions of 3 6/16"H x 2"W x 12/16"D, and an inside diameter of 1”. Our sensor cables are 47 inches long and our power cable is 36 inches long.



Sense can work with multiple panels as long as they are sub-panels, and Sense is installed in the main breaker panel. If you have a separate service for each panel then Sense can only work with one of them, and you will need multiple monitors to monitor your whole home. The Sense app cannot currently aggregate data from two Sense monitors at once and so, in order to handle a multi-monitor configuration, you will need to create two separate accounts and track one monitor from each account. In the future, we are planning to add this multi-monitor compatibility to the app, so stay tuned.



Busbar panels must have enough clearance for the sensors to clamp around the busbar.



Sense does not yet support three-phase systems (typically found in commercial buildings). For homes with 3-phase systems, select the two phases to be monitored (those with the most load). The third phase will not be monitored.


Parallel feed

At this time, Sense does not support a parallel feed configuration. We are working on a solution to better accommodate this configuration and hope to have it available in the near future.