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Setting billing cycle in the Sense app

Viewing your energy usage in the context of your electricity billing cycle is a great way to get an idea of how device usage contributes to your bill.

To add billing cycle in the Sense mobile app:

1. Navigate to Settings > My Home and tap "Billing Cycle Start."

2. Select the day of the month that your billing cycle begins, and tap "Save."

My_Home.png      Usage_-_Bill__edit_.jpg

A new time period called "BILL" will then appear in the Usage card, under the Trends section. This will display your energy consumption and production over the previous billing cycle month.

Note: Sense does currently not factor in tiered rates, time of use rates, or demand charges. Additional discrepancies may exist between your electric bill and Sense, due to data interruptions such as power outages or Wi-Fi connection issues. If you notice a large discrepancy and do not believe it’s due to any of the reasons above, please reach out to us.

Additional Note: Billing cycle settings are currently only available in the mobile app. Web app support is coming soon.