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What are the system requirements?

To ensure you have the best experience with Sense, we recommend that:

Your home has:

  • a consistent 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connection
  • its own electric meter. Sense does not yet work in apartment buildings unless the electrical panel is accessible from the apartment.

Your mobile device runs on iOS or Android.

Your electrical panel:

  • is a split-phase residential panel
  • must have enough space to fit sensor clamps with dimensions of 3 6/16"H x 2"W x 12/16"D, and an inside diameter of 1”. The cables for the sensor clamps are 3' 11" long.
  • does not drop below 0 C or exceed 50 C.
  • is not exposed to water or areas with high condensation (Sense complies with ANSI/IEC 60529 Rated IPx0).

For more information on electrical panel compatibility, check out this support article.

For information on Solar system compatibility, take a look here.