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Mounting Sense external to your electrical panel

Note: The Sense Home Energy Monitor should be installed by an electrician or qualified professional, and should be installed in compliance with all applicable local codes. If your electrical panel is outdoors, Sense must be protected from the elements in a NEMA-approved enclosure. See the installation guide for temperature and environmental specifications. 

To install Sense outside of the electrical panel, you will need to install a 4-prong 120V/240V electric receptacle and mating plug on the supplied power cable (receptacle and plug not included).

Locate an ideal place to install the external mounting bracket. Make sure that all wires are unobstructed and that the 46" current sensor cables can reach the Sense monitor. Plan to install the hardware no further than 1' from your electrical panel.

Installing the 120V/240V Electrical Outlet

Recommended Receptacle Type: NEMA L14-20R or 14-20R

Recommended Plug Type: NEMA L14-20P or 14-20P

  1. Locate a place to install the 120V/240V receptacle near the electrical panel. The receptacle should be installed no more than 1' away from your electrical panel.  
  2. Next, install the receptacle.  It should be connected to a 20A, 240V circuit breaker. This should be a 4-prong 120V/240V receptacle.
  3. Using the external power cable, install a 120V/240V plug on the power cable that mates the receptacle in the previous step.

Installing the Sense Monitor and Mounting Bracket

  1. Find a location near the electrical panel to install the Sense monitor mounting bracket. The mounting bracket should be installed no more than 1' away from the electrical panel.
  2. Install the Sense mounting bracket using the supplied hardware.
  3. Place the Sense monitor in the mounting bracket.
  4. Refer to the Sense installation guide to finish installing the Sense monitor.
  5. To power your Sense monitor, plug it into the receptacle and switch on the breaker.

If you have questions or run into any issue during the installation of the Sense monitor, please contact us.