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How to use Sense with Philips Hue

With the Sense integration of Philips Hue, now you can connect your Philips Hue smart bulbs with your Sense monitor, giving you deep insight into their use and giving you control over your Hue bulbs directly from the Sense app.

To connect your Hue bulbs:

Navigate to Settings > My Home > Connected Devices and select Philips Hue. You’ll need to be at home for this and near your Hue bridge to pair. In addition, your bridge needs to be on the same network and IP subnet as Sense.

After pairing, Sense will automatically add your Hue lights to your Devices list. This might take a few minutes. Sense will use the same groupings that you have set in the Philips Hue app.

To control your Hue bulbs:

You can control your Hue bulbs from a couple places in the app.

  1. On your Devices list, you’ll see a small button to the right of your Hue device. You can tap this button to turn the lights on or off or long-press it to access full light control with brightness.
  2. On the Device Details page for a Hue device, you can also access the full lighting controls for that device.
  3. On your Now screen, you can long-press a Hue device bubble to navigate directly to the full control page for that device.

Image_from_iOS.png Image_from_iOS__1_.png  Image_from_iOS__2_.png   

Please Note:

  • You can only connect your Sense monitor to one Hue bridge at this time. If you have multiple Hue bridges, Sense will prompt you to choose just one during the connection process.
  • Control functionality is not yet available in the Web app. You can still view your Hue devices and see their usage.