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How do I install an extension cable for my current sensors?

Sense offers extension cables to extend the distance between the current sensors and your Sense Home Energy Monitor, which may be helpful for customers with large panels or distant solar feeds.

Any work inside your electric panel (including installation of these extensions) should be completed by a licensed electrician. Before installing the extension cables, be sure to review the sensor installation instructions found in the Sense Installation Guide and video.

Step 1: Turn off the circuit breaker powering the Sense monitor.

Step 2: Disconnect the current sensors from the Sense monitor. DO NOT unclamp the sensors from around the main power wires, or change their orientation.

Step 3: Connect the extension cable to the current sensors, and then to the Sense monitor.

Step 4: Ensure the current sensors are still fully clamped around the power cables and will not press against the panel cover when it is replaced.

Step 5: Restore power to the Sense monitor.

Note that the connectors on each sensor extension cable has been treated with conductive grease to help prevent corrosion over time.