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How to use Sense with Wemo and Kasa smart plugs

    1. Go to Settings > My Home > Connected Devices, and enable the integration for TP-Link Kasa or Belkin Wemo* smart plug(s).
    2. Once enabled, it will take a few minutes for Sense to add your new smart plug devices to your device list.
    3. Once added, these devices will function like any other device in Sense. The added bonus is that you will also be able to control the device (turning it on/off) right from the Sense app, by tapping the on/off button (shown on both the device list or detailed device view).
    4. For any smart plug device, you will see a "What's plugged in?" option in Device Details (iOS and Android only). We encourage you to answer this, so that you can better categorize the device, help Sense learn, and also ensure that you do not have any duplicate devices (in cases where you have a device on a smart plug that Sense has already detected).
      1. You can specify one of three different options on the “What’s plugged in?” screen
        1. Assign the smart plug to an already detected device. This merges smart plug data with identified device.
        2. Assign the smart plug to a new device and specify what that device is. This treats the smart plug as an individual device.
        3. Assign to a power strip that has many different devices on it. This treats the smart plug as as a composite device. If any of these devices have been detected previously, select them from the "Sense Detected Devices" list below. Historical data from these devices will be merged with the new power strip device.
    5. As time goes on, Sense will even learn if a device on a smart plug has clear differences between "off,” "idle," and "on." For example, if you have a TV that always draws a few watts even when it’s "off,” and then shoots up in energy when you actually turn it "on," then Sense will actually display "idle" state instead of “off.”

If you are experiencing strange or incorrect wattage numbers,  please check to make sure your smart plugs have the latest firmware. You can do this via the Kasa and Wemo apps.

*Note: Sense is currently only compatible with the TP-Link Kasa HS110, TP-Link Kasa HS300, and the Belkin Wemo Insight Plug

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