Why is my monitor offline?

While we aim for 100% uptime, sometimes your Sense monitor can go offline. You’ll know your monitor is offline if you see the loading circles animation in the place of your power meter or device bubbles. A number of things can cause this, including:

  • Lost Wi-Fi connection
  • Power outage
  • Firmware update (happens occasionally at 7 am UTC for up to 10 minutes)


If your monitor does go offline:

  • Check that your Wi-Fi is still online and that Sense is connected to it. Tap Settings -> My Home -> Sense Monitor to see what network your monitor is connected to.
  • If your monitor is still connected and offline, you can reboot by power cycling. To power cycle, open your electrical panel and flip the breaker that Sense is connected to on and off. Please be careful when you do so.
  • If you’ve tried the above and are still experiencing problems, please reach out to our support team.