Why is my monitor offline?

While we aim for 100% uptime, sometimes your Sense monitor can go offline. You’ll know your monitor is offline if you see the sleeping monitor animation in the place of your power meter or device bubbles. A number of things can cause this, including:

  • Lost Wi-Fi connection
  • Power outage
  • Firmware update (happens occasionally at 7 am UTC for up to 10 minutes)


If your monitor does go offline:

  • Check that your Wi-Fi is still online and that Sense is connected to it. Tap Settings -> My Home -> Sense Monitor to see what network your monitor is connected to.
  • If your monitor is still connected and offline, you can reboot by power cycling. To power cycle, open your electrical panel, flip the breaker that Sense is connected to off, wait 5 seconds, and then flip it on again. Please be careful when you do so.
  • If you’ve tried the above and are still experiencing problems, please reach out to our support team.