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Connection Test: Upload Low

If you've received this error during your network connection test:

If your upload speed is lower than the recommended speed (100kB/s), you may experience issues with data gaps in your Sense data. This is due to the Sense monitor not being able to upload data  faster than the onboard buffer is being filled.

In some cases, if you received a low signal strength error from our Wi-Fi test, improving the signal strength may also improve the upload speed.

A Wi-Fi extender or repeater can also cause a significant negative impact on upload speed. When using an extender or repeater, the upload speed will be cut in half due to the need for the signal to be repeated from the extender to the router. If your Sense monitor is connected to a Wi-Fi extender or repeater, we recommend setting up a separate wired access point closer to the Sense unit in place of the extender.

If you're still experiencing issues after troubleshooting, please reach out to the Support team.