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Connection Test: NTP Timeout

If you've received this error during your network connection test:

The Sense monitor did not receive a response from the network time server. This usually means that the network time server was blocked by the local network firewall configuration, but could also be caused by poor connectivity to your local network or by poor connectivity to the internet. In order to troubleshoot this, we recommend to test your connectivity to the internet by using a separate device that is connected to the same network that Sense will be connecting to.

If the issue persists, we then recommend to ensure that the Sense monitor is receiving a reliable signal from the router or access point. Check this article for some tips on troubleshooting your connection.

Lastly, we recommend checking your router or firewall configurations to ensure that the Sense monitor can connect to the internet. Please ensure the following ports are unblocked as Sense uses them to securely communicate with our servers: TCP 123, 443, 6514, 8482, and UDP 53.

If this issue persists further, please reach out to the Support team.