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Why doesn't my electric bill match the estimates in Sense?

While the Sense monitor is carefully designed and thoroughly tested to assure it is providing accurate readings, it is possible that you may notice a discrepancy between what you see on your electric bill and what you see in the Usage card of your Sense app.

Some reasons for this discrepancy include:

  • Tiered rates, time of use rates, or demand charges: Sense does not factor these rates into your billing cycles costs at the moment. This is something we plan to add in the future.
  • Taxes, fees, and discounts: Your electric bill may include distribution charges and other costs specific to your electrical provider and locality.
  • Data interruptions: Your monitor experienced an outage, causing a gap in data from the Sense side. This could be due to a temporary loss of power or Wi-Fi connection issues. If you find that your monitor is frequently offline, check out this article for some troubleshooting tips, or get in touch with our support team
  • Solar: If you have a solar system but are not monitoring it with Sense Solar, Sense will not accurately reflect your real energy costs.

If you notice a large discrepancy and do not believe it’s due to any of the reasons above, please reach out to us.