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Connection Test: Signal Strength Low

If you've received this error during your network connection test:

Note: Sense is not currently compatible with 5Ghz networks.

Electrical panels are electrically noisy places and, as you might imagine, the RF (radio frequency) conditions near your home's panel mean that Sense needs a strong Wi-Fi connection in order to overcome any potential interference.  

If your Sense monitor is reporting a low signal strength:

  • First, double-check that the Wi-Fi antenna is correctly installed, the Sense monitor is on, and that your Wi-Fi router is on and working properly and that you have a consistent internet connection. If the antenna for the Sense unit is confined to the panel, the monitor will not be able to effectively communicate unless installed through a knockout and exposed externally.
  • A signal strength lower than -70dBm indicates that the router or access point is too far from the Sense unit to reliably connect. To remedy this, we recommend moving your router closer to where Sense is installed, or installing another access point.
  • If you have multiple routers or access points, make sure the one that is closest to your Sense monitor has a different SSID, so that your Sense monitor doesn't try to connect to a further access point, with less reliable signal strength.

If you are still experiencing connection issues, please reach out to our Support team.